The VIP Woman Playbook for the High Achieving Woman
On BEING rather than DOING
  • You'll learn how to discover your CORE desired feelings in life and why it matters in business
  • Get my VIP Proven Framework on how to live a life fueled with more Vision, Impact and Purpose
  • Save time by getting clear on how to make a massive impact NOW and not later with ease
Hello Lovely!

I am Amanda Koziel - a multi six figure entrepreneur, leadership mentor, and visionary that has over a decade of experience in the field of sales and leadership development. My passion is equipping women in all current leadership positions, or those that aspire to be, with the right tools, mindset, and support in rising to their full potential and making an impact now. Not later.

I have a knack for understanding the psychology of the mind when it comes to what holds us back, and the learned strategies and systems to move forward with the momentum it takes to lead in a powerful way. I am the Founder of The VIP Woman and creator behind The Vip Woman - 90 day Signature Coaching Program. Vision. Impact. Purpose where I personally guide women through a tested and powerful methodology on how to fully step into the leader and woman they were born to be.

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Take action NOW towards a more impactful life while BEING rather than just DOING
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